Annulment in Texas and New Mexico

Annulment in Texas or New Mexico Divorces

Ending a marriage through an annulment might be an option for you. When you end a marriage through an annulment the marriage is practically erased (through the legal lens).

Once an annulment is granted it is effective immediately.

Getting the right information can help you make informed decisions. 

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Common Grounds for an Annulment

  • One party was under the age of 14 years old
  • The person petitioning the court for the annulment was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the time of the marriage
  • One party concealed they were divorced within 30 days before the marriage
  • The marriage took place less than 72 hours after the license was issued
  • One of the married persons suffers from permanent impotency
  • The marriage occurred due to fraud, duress, or force
  • One of the married persons suffers a mental incapacity

Each of the grounds for annulment has its own rules regarding proof, including when the request for annulment must be filed and how the parties must have behaved immediately after the marriage took place.

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