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How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced?

An uncontested divorce generally takes less time, whereas a contested divorce will take more time due to unresolved issues. Should you decide to take the case to court, you could expect the process to take eight months or longer. If any matter, including child custody, asset and property division, child support, or spousal support is contested, the court will need to determine how to resolve these issues, which could take more time than expected.

A couple also has the option of settling their disputes outside of court with the help of a mediator as well. Meditation can usually resolve these issues quicker than going to trial; however, this also depends on the unique circumstances of your case.

Can I Resolve the Matters of My Divorce Outside of Court?

If both you and your former partner are willing to resolve the matters of your separation amicably, you may be able to avoid court intervention. This would be called an “uncontested divorce,” as it would require both parties to come to an agreement about the issues of property division, child custody, child support, etc. on your own. An uncontested divorce would be a viable way to save time and money – as you would be able to avoid going to trial and paying hefty attorney fees.

Reasons To Hire

There are several benefits to hiring an experienced family law firm. First and foremost is peace of mind. You can rest assured that your lawyer has the experience and qualifications you would expect. You can rest easy knowing that your matters have been meticulously and professionally prepared with your best interests in mind. Here are some additional benefits to hiring our firm:

Possesses expertise in family law and divorce

Top quality legal representation. Reputable and experienced legal counsel you can depend on.

Ensures all your documentation is filed correctly

A divorce requires a significant amount of paperwork and filing deadlines. It is not always easy to navigate this state of the process by yourself if you find yourself alone. The court relies heavily on this paperwork and we ensure your paperwork is filled out correctly, advocate for your best interests and save you time and money while providing peace of mind.

Hold ourselves to a higher standard

Going through a divorce is never an easy process, but you are not alone. We help you start a new chapter so you can focus on your future.

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